Afmedica, Inc.   

Acquired by Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Afmedica, Inc. is a drug delivery company formed in early 2002 to commercialize new technologies that are the derivatives of the anti-proliferative drug eluting stent successfully commercialized by Johnson and Johnson in conjunction with the Company’s founders. Afmedica’s intellectual property platform supports a variety of novel medical uses of the FDA approved anti-proliferative agent Sirolimus. Afmedica’s first product is a polymer wrap that focuses on preserving the vascular graft in patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) who require a vascular access for chronic hemodialysis.

Co-Investors:   Apjohn Group, Apjohn Ventures, angels


Brill Street + Company 

Acquired by DDK Marketing, Inc.

Brill Street helps client companies fill short-term, part-time and full-time project needs to address resource shortages quickly and affordably. Its unique temporary staffing solution gives businesses with backlogs and long "to do" lists the opportunity to utilize top college talent, while providing the studentswith the experiential learning they crave. The Company’s On-Demand Staffing service is also ideal for addressing "gaps" in your team, when you have difficult positions to fill or when you have temporary absences. In these situations, Brill Streeters come on board to complete projects and keep bottlenecks from occurring until a position is filled permanently or absent staff returns.

Co-Investors:   Ceres Ventures, OCA Ventures


HistoSonics, Inc. 


HistoSonics mission is to become the leading non-invasive surgical technology and market leader. HistoSonics platform technology has the potential to replace traditional surgical and minimally invasive modalities with a totally non-invasive modality, Histotripsy, that will reduce patient trauma and healthcare costs significantly.

Co-Investors:   Early Stages, Fletcher Spaght, Hatteras Ventures, Venture Investors

Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.


Inspire Medical Systems, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the leading developer of innovative, implantable neurostimulation systems to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Utilizing well-established technologies from the fields of cardiac pacing and neurostimulation, Inspire has developed a proprietary Upper Airway Stimulation (UAS) therapy which is designed to improve sleep and enrich the lives of people suffering from this challenging condition.

Co-Investors:   Aperture Ventures, GDN Holdings, Johnson & Johnson Development Corp., Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers, Medtronic, Orbimed Private Investments, Synergy Life Sciences Partners, US Venture Partners.

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InStadium, Inc. 


InStadium, Inc. is a sports marketing and advertising company providing local and national brands game-day advertising and promotions within Major League Baseball and National Football League stadiums. The Company has long term media rights with 19 MLB (including Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park) and 7 NFL teams. This base provides a platform that includes 20 of the top advertising markets in the U.S., including 16 of the Top 25 DMAs.

Co-Investors:   Alerion Partners, Hopewell Ventures, HQ Investments, Salem Investment Partners, angels

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Interrad Medical, Inc.


Interrad Medical is developing a proprietary catheter anchoring device called SecurAcath Catheter Retention System. The SecurAcath System is a new and unique method for holding catheters in place over and extended time. Currently, long term use catheters are secured on the surface of a patient’s skin with sutures or adhesive devices which can lead to site infection or skin irritation. The SecurAcath System utilizes a very small anchor that deploys just under the skin to hold a catheter securely in place.

Co-Investors:   Angels and doctors

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MedElute, Inc. 


MedElute, Inc. is a start-up based in Michigan that has been granted a paid up license from Angiotech Pharmaceutical, Inc. as part of the merger transaction between Angiotech and Afmedica, Inc. The license is for rights to a pending patent (not yet issued) in which claims are made for methods and materials to treat post surgical adhesions with a highly novel anti-platelet approach.

Co-Investors:   Apjohn Group, Apjohn Ventures and angels


MedVantx, Inc. 


MedVantx, Inc. developed and markets an electronic interactive point-of-care system that facilitates the issuance of generic drug and OTC samples by physicians.

The automated Sample Centertm provides labeling, patient education materials, HIPPA compliant patient record inputs, and generates utilization and tracking reports for the physician and insurance companies.

The Company’s state-of-the art on-line pharmacy, AmeriPharm, along with its proprietary ValuePointRXtm patient management program, facilitates the appropriate utilization of generics and OTCs to the benefit of employers, health insurers, physicians and consumers.

Co-Investors:   Advent International, Arch Ventures, CID Ventures, Dow Chemical, HQ Investments, Ironwood Ventures, McKesson Corporation, Polaris Ventures, Rock Maple Ventures, Seneca Ventures, UPS, Walgreens

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MinuteClinic, Inc.  

Acquired by CVS Corporation 

MinuteClinic, Inc. currently operates eighty-three mini-clinics in Minneapolis, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Nashville, Columbus, Atlanta, Seattle, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Kansas City and Orlando that provide testing, diagnosis, and prescriptions for common illnesses for $49 per visit on average. The clinics are located in CVS drugstores, CUB grocery stores, Bartells drugstores, QFC grocery stores, shopping centers and corporate headquarter/office buildings. The mission of the company is to offer quality medical service for a defined set of common ailments to the public on a walk-in basis. Each clinic is staffed by a Nurse Practitioner or Physicians Assistant that follows a prescribed protocol established by the Company’s Medical Director. The Company employs doctors in each market that are on call when the clinics are operational and provide the regulatory oversight that is required by the various states.

Co-Investors:   Affinity Capital, Bain Capital, CVS Corporation, HQ Investments, Quinstar Ventures


NeoChord, Inc. 


NeoChord develops technology intended to significantly improve the surgical repair of mitral valve regurgitation. The company has licensed novel technology invented by a cardiac surgeon during his time practicing at the Mayo Clinic.

The Company is commercializing a tool that enables the minimally invasive surgical implantation of artificial chordae tendineae, while the heart is still beating. During normal function, the chordae tendineae tether the mitral valve leaflets to ensure correct closure during ventricular contraction. Rupture of the chordae due to myocardial infarction or degenerative disease is a common cause of mitral leaflet prolapse and subsequent mitral regurgitation.

Co-Investors:   CHV Capital, Heron Ventures, Hopen Life Sciences Fund, HQ Investments, Twilight Ventures

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Regesis Biomedical, Inc. 


Regenesis Biomedical is a medical technology company focused on developing and marketing noninvasive a medical device using pulsed radio frequency for the treatment of pain and edema.

The Company has developed, patented and now markets the Provant Therapy System to health care facilities and providers that serve patients treated in acute care hospitals, long-term acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers, home healthcare agencies and wound care clinics, as well to patients in their homes under physician orders.

Co-Investors:   Fulcrum Equity Partners, Solstice Capital

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Small Bone Innovations, Inc.   
Acquired by Stryker Corporation

Small Bone Innovations (SBI) was formed in May 2004 by Anthony, John and Marc Viscogliosi, the Principals of Viscogliosi Brothers, LLC. as a broad based small bone and joint company. The Company focuses on internal, external, trauma and reconstructive orthopedic products that are used in the upper and lower extremities. The Company’s products cover orthopedic needs from the fingers to the shoulder and from the toes to below the knee.

Co-Investors:   Axiom Ventures, KEW Capital, Malaysian Technology Development Corporation, NGN Capital, Olympus Corporation, Sovereign Wealth Fund of Malaysia, Viscogliosi Bros LLC


ValenTx, Inc.


ValenTx was founded in 2002 to develop a novel medical device for the treatment of obesity that is an alternative to bariatric surgery (stomach by-pass). The device is a plastic gastric by-pass funnel and intestinal tube placed thru an endoscopic procedure that mimics a radical permanent stomach by-pass.   

Co-Investors:   Affinity Capital, Covidien Ventures, EDF Ventures, Kaiser Permanente, Sapient Ventures, SV Life Sciences Fund